Gulfstream Sport Fishing | Gulfstream II

Gulfstream II

The 51″ Fishing charter boat for groups to 22 people, come enjoy the comfort and convenience of our custom built charter fishing boat. Knowledge of local waters is unsurpassed. We can fish up to 16 people in your private group at one time, while reef fishing. Come enjoy the comfort and conveniences  not  found in other charter boats. We have been located in the same marina since 1974. Comfort and convenience not typically found in other charter fishing boats. Its large spacious covered back deck offers protection from rain or sun. The Gulfstream II’s roomy main salon can easily accommodate a dozen guests and their gear with plenty of space left over. Its 740 horsepower engine is powerful enough to minimize travel time and maximize fishing time. The cabin has heating and air-conditioning so, you will be comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. The fish box is centrally located to optimize fishing space around the rail. We utilize the latest in color sonar for locating those unsuspecting fish. We feel that comfort and safety are the  most important.

Fish up to 16 people.

Roomy back deck.


The Gulfstream II has:

  • 51 feet overall length
    15 foot beam
    4-1/2 foot draught
    Fiberglass construction
    740 hp Detroit Diesel engine
    Seating for 15
    Vessel Monitoring System
    Dual ship-to-shore radios (VHF and single-side band)
    Dual GPS receivers
  • Weather Radar
    EPIRB radio beacon
    Handheld flares
    Built-in automatic fire suppression system
    Watertight bulkheads and hatches
    Twenty four lighted lifejackets
    Two twelve man life rafts
    Throw able lighted life ring
    Television and stereo system