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What to Bring

Suggested list of things to bring:

Bring plenty food and drinks, water, soda, beer. (No hard liquor, no glass containers please) The salt air will make you hungry and thirsty. Lunches can be arranged and or catered with advance notice for a nominal fee. 

Easy to eat items such as pre-made sandwiches, cheese sticks, crackers, chips, pretzels, and fruit are common items.
Sunglasses, hats, towels, sunscreens are recommended.
Soft soled  shoes. No cowboy boots, no hard black sole shoes etc… please. (This is for your safety as much as to protect the boat).
Cooler (To take your catch home).
Camera to capture those great fishing moments.
No GPS please illegal drugs, hard liquor, glass containers, firearms or weapons.

Note: The captain reserves the right to limit consumption of alcohol in order to maintain a safe environment and safety of our clients.

Tips on seasickness. Not to worry, the vast majority of our clients have no issues. If you have never been on the ocean before or if you have a history of motion sickness, ask your doctor or druggist about medications.  Do not come hung over from a late night of drinking. The night before eat and drink sensibly and get plenty of sleep for your day on the water.  The fresh air and ocean breeze are exhilarating, but do require your energy!
Drink plenty of fluids as if you were preparing for and type of sporting event. This will keep you from getting dehydrated. Seasick remedies (If susceptible) take several hours before boarding and one the night before at bedtime. (We recommend over the counter non-drowsy Dramamine 2) You may not need it. A good way to good way to avoid a queasy feeling is to stay up on the deck, keep a breeze in your face, and keep your eyes on the horizon, not on the water or your friend next to you.

Your departure:

We recommend that you arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to departure so we can load all of your things aboard and ice down the drinks. Most skippers and their guests want to leave precisely on time to take best advantage of the allotted time, ready to go.
The Weather Florida weather is usually bright and sunny sometimes hot and sometimes cold or windy. So be prepared. Our charter skippers will not go out if the Coast Guard advises that the seas are unsafe or if they themselves think it unwise. If the trip is cancelled, your fee will be refunded. Reservations and ½ deposit are required.

Location and Directions:

We are conveniently located just 45 minutes west of Tampa International Airport, directly on the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, and just 2 hours from Orlando and Walt Disney World.  View Map

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Weekdays and Sunday: 72 hours notice (preferably as soon as possible)
Saturdays and Holidays: Because these days are extremely popular, Deposits are not refundable
(Exception: Bad weather such as high seas at the Captains’ discretion)
Cancellations or “No-shows” by the client constitute forfeiture of the deposit.
If the weather or gulf conditions on the day of the trip are considered unsuitable by our skippers or the company, your deposit will be returned.
Please make your reservation as far ahead as possible.